In Shadows


I have captured unicorns

Through pink and purple skies

Just to dance with you

As I gaze into your eyes


Whispering angels I have heard

By the breath of the Divine

On soft silver clouds we made love

From the sands of time


I have taken in

The glistening moonlight

With a scent of perfume

With ribbon skies


Through out Heaven

With a sparkle of your eyes

You have taken me high

With your magic presence


Dancing On The Edge


Damon I’m dancing on the edge

As I meet your shadow

Your love can turn dark

Like a midnight stroll


From my lips the words now flow

As you caress my soul

Touch my skin

Kiss my lips


Why are you in my head?

Sometimes I feel like I am falling

Our time is running out

As I hear the ticking on the wall


Your name is on my lips

You come to me on the wind

As we fly high in the sky

Just you and I


I am Fearless

I am strong

I am tall

Watch my shadow


I wait for my prey

Without a doubt in my mind

It will be here soon

I will be waiting


As it comes close

My gun will be lifted

My hand will be steady

As I fire the shot


It lifts its head

The breath goes out

The eyes are glazed

With blood on the ground



Waterfalls such a beautiful sight

So peaceful and quiet

The water shimmers as it falls

Blue and clear


Hear the whisper in the air

As the water flows around

Listen at the sound

As it calms you down


It lets you think

Your mind in a spin

As you wonder

At the amazement of a waterfall


It is graceful like a swan

As it flows down

It is like a gentle breeze

Such a tender touch


Waterfalls can touch your soul

Your heart

Make you wonder and think

What beauty nature brings

A Lonely Mind


A lonely mind

Is in misery

Has a lot of agony

And pain


It thinks

But can’t find

It wonders

But does not know


It wants

But can’t get

It wanders

A lonely mind


Search the world

Just to find

Someone who will

Be kind


It gets weary

Oh so tired

All the work

Of a lonely mind

A Special Glow


A special glow on my face

Deep down in my soul

A glow so soft

It burns like a light


As I move

It glows so bright

I will not lose my way

I will not lose my sight



It guides me where I go

The shine is special

Like a vine entwined

A special glow


It glows in my soul

Bright and soft

A special glow

In my eyes


A glow so warm

it gives me a tingle

When I feel tired

It warms me


It sparkles like a star

It guides me at night

Twinkles in my soul

My special glow


Makes me sparkle

A shine so special

With a twinkle

My special glow



Trembling caressed by you

While the red blood runs through

Scars there are

My body fades like ink


From blood my heart is poisoned

I am silently in love

I will call you close

As your fangs touch me


The moonlight I see

As a scream I hear

Creatures are coming

In wings and fur


As I meet a shadow

Your love turns dark

In your soul is a mystery

You are quite cruel

Night Things


Late at night

When night things

Are out and about

Wings flapping


Fangs coming out

Fear zooming in

Tears flowing

Night things


Worms crawling

Werewolves calling

Visions of vampires

In the darkness of night


Unicorns flying

White horse in the air

Mermaids swimming

Night things

Fly Back To Me


I will not tell you how I feel

I will not tell you I love you

I will not tell you I miss you

But I will tell you fly back to me


That your my thought

That holds me together

That I miss all the times we had together

The laughter and fun


How you could turn a bad day

Into a good one for me

Make it all worth while

Fly back to me


When we write our poems

It is like magic

We are at a place for two

Fly to me


We have so much fun

Laughter and tears

No fears no pain

Fly back to me


Fly back to me

Tell me how you feel

Let me know what you’re thinking

I know you miss as I miss you

Wash Away


I wash away my sins

I rinse my hands of dirt

Choose my friends wisely

Obey God’s word


Watch what I say

Read the Bible and pray

Send my love to you

On my knees I pray


Walk with God only

Trust and obey

Take out the trash

Watch what I say


If I hurt someone today

Please forgive me I pray

Listen to the good old gospel news

Hold my head up high


Let lessons be learned

Help the children to be heard

Praise his name

He is the Holy One


I will hold his hand

Kiss the hem of his garment

Wash his feet

In perfume and oil


Put all bad thoughts away

Let the Lord carry me through

Help others in need

By being the best I can


Oh Lord hear my cry

My plead for help

Keep me on the right track

Don’t let me turn back