Under Ground


I went to places unknown

On the move

Never did I want to stop

You would never want to go


I was lost

Could not be found

A new place to grow

On a clear radiate night


Somewhere moist and dark

A seed to be replaced

Never to admit

Lost and lonely


I would get

Why do I go?

Because I need to know

The fit


I am armed with wit and passion

Like a key on a string

Fantasized  in space

By stroking a mouse


A body of sport

Charms  a plenty

Mesmerized by you

Lost by few


I did not realize

I didn’t want to be bothered

Just because it was cool

I was popular


Not a fool

I was not a social

Just a little crazed

In a daze


I crave school

With all the rules

Know not why

Broken as it seems


In the night

All alone

I am brave

I do not care


Always a loner

A gaze with distance

My eyes are clear

It is all over


under ground is where I started

Where I will end

No place better

Lonely to beImage


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