A Star


A star rests on my shoulder

As the moon sheds it’s light

When I look into your eyes

I see a star wink


I am amazed at the world

Of the beauty it brings

Sunshine and rain

Hail and storm


Dance with me as I reach

For the stars

You are like fruit to me

So sweet


I taste your lips

Like a bee with honey

A star is shining

Just for me


Your handsome as can be

When you smile at me

Your gaze upon me

Like the stars above


You won;t let me go

Hold on tight

I am your star

Twinkle in the night


I never hide from you

My emotions you know

How I feel

Your my star


You search for my soul

As you sit on my shoulder

A place so beautiful

For the stars to rest


This world is such beauty

It brings much joy

As you walk to me

Like the star you areImage



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