One Black rose


One black rose was pushed under my door

With red dark blood spilling within

A smile like a ghost

Was painted on the post


The Darkness is around me

As the shadows dance to me

One black rose in my hand

With tiny beads of death


My veins are popping up

As ringing in my ears

I wring my hands

And cover my tracks


I am so worn and weary

Never knowing

What is coming next

The pain comes upon me


As my head spins

My body is on fire

My soul is not my own

Where can I go?


To lose this black rose

I am losing control

Fighting for my life

I don’t know what to do


As I lay on the ground

Blood all around

My heart is flowing

As the last breath I takeImage


Poem 2


                                                     Poem 2

Like a field in the sky
The moon shines bright
The night is like home
There I put my heart

I see your face
When you walk alone
From the sky
With every step you take

I will hold your hand
Beside you I will be
Your light will be the moon
As you sleep

Watching over you
I will whisper I love you
Do not weep or cry
I am with you

I care for you only
I’m your angel
As my wings carry you
You will never tire

Step by step we go
As together we walk
Holding hands
Gazing at you

I am thinking of you
Just you alone
With angel wings
To carry you home

Poem 1


Like a field in the sky

I put my heart

I miss you love

I see your face


It touched the sky

Night is like home

Shines bright like the moon

Every step you take


You think you’re alone

Holding your hand

I will be

With the moon to guide you


You will have light

The darkness will be gone

I care for you

I am your angle


So never weep or cry

You won’t get tired

My wings will carry you

As I think of you