A Rose


A rose so sweet

Like perfume in the night

It is my dream to be like you 

Strong and gentle


I will turn and look at you

As the velvet sky grows dark

The love you give

A rose


I may not have another day

With you

I know not what the day

Will bring


We will have peace

At our final goodbye

Flowers will come

The sun will shine


Will you hold me?

Give me your love

A rose so tender

Yet so strong


Don’t turn me away

Or pain will come again

I need to learn a lesson

It’s just not easy


I will not give up

A rose

How hard it will be

I do not know


I just have to believe

It will get better

Here is a grin for you

My rose


Storms may come

Winds may blow

Hail will fall

A rose will be there


I see your shadow on the wall

As I see your face in the mirror

The moon is watching from afar

The stars are glittering


By my side you will be

That is good with me

No good bye, I will not cry

A rose


Every night I pray for you

Remember me always

And the day we met

Don’t ever forget


How we fell in love

With roses at our feet

The love we made

On a bed of roses


There was tears

Of pure joy

Plenty of smiles

A rose


We laughed a lot

Fooled around

Played with each other

Such a thrill we got


A rose for me

Today,  tomorrow,  and forever

No regrets

No sorrow







Scarlet Rose


As I dream I think of rain

The dew on the grass

So many gardens

With Scarlet roses


The smell so sweet

The bright colors

Like blood flowing

All around


As you lay on the ground

With thorns that hurt

I lay my pains down

My Scarlet rose


Love comes to me

In the form

Of a rose

With life so full


I’m on fire

With shadows of you

I see mirrors

Of Scarlet rose


As you rise to greet the day

I think of kisses

Sweeter than wine

My Scarlet rose


Sweet promises are made

As the veil comes off

You move in the light

Such pure delight


Thoughts  run through my head

Of you running along

A spring in every step

Sweet Scarlet rose


You are the pretty flower

That blooms each day

Those petals so soft

Along the way


My gaze is upon you

Your eyes so bright

Lips so full

Sweet Scarlet rose


My memory lingers

As the thoughts come

What would I do?

Without Scarlet rose




Hear The Call


Hear the call

Of the bird on the pane

How loud it can be

With a touch of the flame


A call so tender

So light and clear

Like a whisper so low

In the still of the night


Wings on high

Wings below

Wings to embrace

Wings so bold


In the morning light

Sun shining bright

Rain falling down

With pitter patter


Birds flying in flight

Such a pretty sight

With great delight

Birds in song


As they go away

Flying in the clouds

With the greatest of ease
So they can please


Hear the call

The sound so loud

Wings holding tight

Whisper low




A soft breeze

Raindrops are falling

With a hidden desire

They are conspiring


Saying something special

Look around

A soft breeze

There is no distance between us


The winds are not impertinent

Or unsteady

Just a fresh rain

With no hidden secrets


It says something

As the shower falls around

It is quite exciting

With no distance between us


Look around

You will see love

Like fireflies

With a flame


It will not fade away

It is so sweet

What can you do?

But speak the words


The desire of my breath

Touch me……….

Hold me………

Love me……..


It is saying somethingImage

The gentle breeze

As the raindrops fall

All around us




Poem Two


Like a field in the sky

The moon shines bright

The night is like home

There I put my heart


I see your face

When you walk alone

from the sky

With every step you take


I will hold your hand

Beside you I will be

Your light will be the moon

As you sleep


Watching over you

I will whisper I love you

Do not weep or cry

I am with you


I care for you only

I am your angel

As my wings carry you

You will never tire


Step by step we go

As together we walk

Holding hands

Gazing at you


I am thinking of you

Just you alone

With angel wings

To carry you home


I don’t need to ask you

Or want to know about your past

Or how you spent your nights

I am not perfect


So I have no right to expect of you perfection

No one in this world

Is an angel

We are just humans


Not pretend to be something else

I don’t want to ask you

Or know about you and your pastImage

Or how you spent your nights

Hidden In My Heart


I confess to you my love

Finally I breathe

I come to you

On my knees


Our world is big

I hear your voice

Everything is clear

It is in my eyes


You’re my one and only

Hidden in my heart

You are light

I feel the air


You’re in my soul

We have a history

Your always my thought

My one true love


I expect you to come

One day soon

For us to have life

With no pain along the way


The sun is out

We have hope

We can awake

From our dream


That is my hope………


My admission to you

I expect your voice

So clear my dear

I am not far


The flame of fire

Is in our desire

Burning so deep

Now I can breathe


The air I feel

You are here

With your breath

Oh so sweet


Your my thought

My one desire

The only dream

I will ever have


No other will do

Just you alone

I expect you

And only you


I hear your sigh

feel your tears

Your sweet caress

My one and only love


The air I breathe

Is for you alone

Let me hear your voice

I waited too long


Hidden in my heart

Is you

Just you……..

forever my loveImage