Hidden In My Heart


I confess to you my love

Finally I breathe

I come to you

On my knees


Our world is big

I hear your voice

Everything is clear

It is in my eyes


You’re my one and only

Hidden in my heart

You are light

I feel the air


You’re in my soul

We have a history

Your always my thought

My one true love


I expect you to come

One day soon

For us to have life

With no pain along the way


The sun is out

We have hope

We can awake

From our dream


That is my hope………


My admission to you

I expect your voice

So clear my dear

I am not far


The flame of fire

Is in our desire

Burning so deep

Now I can breathe


The air I feel

You are here

With your breath

Oh so sweet


Your my thought

My one desire

The only dream

I will ever have


No other will do

Just you alone

I expect you

And only you


I hear your sigh

feel your tears

Your sweet caress

My one and only love


The air I breathe

Is for you alone

Let me hear your voice

I waited too long


Hidden in my heart

Is you

Just you……..

forever my loveImage


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