A Rose


A rose so sweet

Like perfume in the night

It is my dream to be like you 

Strong and gentle


I will turn and look at you

As the velvet sky grows dark

The love you give

A rose


I may not have another day

With you

I know not what the day

Will bring


We will have peace

At our final goodbye

Flowers will come

The sun will shine


Will you hold me?

Give me your love

A rose so tender

Yet so strong


Don’t turn me away

Or pain will come again

I need to learn a lesson

It’s just not easy


I will not give up

A rose

How hard it will be

I do not know


I just have to believe

It will get better

Here is a grin for you

My rose


Storms may come

Winds may blow

Hail will fall

A rose will be there


I see your shadow on the wall

As I see your face in the mirror

The moon is watching from afar

The stars are glittering


By my side you will be

That is good with me

No good bye, I will not cry

A rose


Every night I pray for you

Remember me always

And the day we met

Don’t ever forget


How we fell in love

With roses at our feet

The love we made

On a bed of roses


There was tears

Of pure joy

Plenty of smiles

A rose


We laughed a lot

Fooled around

Played with each other

Such a thrill we got


A rose for me

Today,  tomorrow,  and forever

No regrets

No sorrow







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