Star Bright


I found a lonely star

A star so bright

It had a glow

That made my heart grow


My eyes did see

The shells all around

As I see magic

With no more sadness


A star for you

And one for me

Star bright

You belong to me tonight


You’re all aglow

As I run my fingers

Through his hair

I will wrap music around you


When you hear me whisper

Of sweet melodies

Your breath so warm

Like the summer sun


The rush of the sea

Is in your eyes

Beside me you are

Star bright


A fire burns within

As I play on your skin

I loved you then

I love you now


My thoughts are mesmerized

With memories of you

I hold the stars as I dance to you

With a smile


You are special there is no doubt

I can cry with you

Or have a laugh or two

Star bright







Skies At Midnight


Skies at midnight

On a velvet blue sky

I feel your heartbeat

Beating close to mine


As I reach to the sky

I see shades of blue

I walk the skies

Searching for you


A dream comes to me

Of you by my side

Pulling a star from the sky

As you reach for me


I smell a garden of roses

With skies at midnight

The flowers are covered

With thoughts of you


The kisses come soft

As a butterfly wing

Will you carry me?

With you everywhere you go


Your treasures are with me

I cherish them all

Thoughts of you

With skies at midnight


I hear your voice

As I watch the moon

Your memory lingers near

In the midnight skies


Beneath a star filled sky

Comes passion and desire

As I glance at your face

My heart stands still


A Miracle


When you wake give thanks

All through the day, pray

As you see things around you Give Praise!

Ask and you shall receive


Think before you ask, you may ask for

Something you don’t need

Seek and you will find

Look around, everywhere you look, there is a miracle


Birds fly, flowers bloom, 

Trees so tall and

Sky’s blue

Babies so small, it’s a Miracle











To Embrace You


If you need someone to hold, someone to love

Someone you can call your own

One that won’t walk away

Because things are going wrong


One that will love you in spite of the way you dress,

One that will spend time with you

Instead of trying to impress

One that will love you for you


And not your personality

If you need someone that will understand

That God is number one and

That you will serve Him until He comes


Someone who won’t leave

Because of what people say

One that won’t tell you they love you

Every other day


One that will hold your hand

And show respect

One that won’t tell you hurtful things

And then regret


One that will be gentle

Instead of judgmental

Someone that will show passion and devotion

That won’t be eagerImageImage


To rush a relationship

You need a companion

Not one that is jealous and selfish

Or that wants you all to himself


You need someone that wants to

Talk to you and only you

And no one else

You need someone honest and


Not someone that will play you

You need someone you can trust

You’re memories of past love

Have been erased


And one day your searching will come to an end

You won’t have to search any longer

For everyone the time is now, you have that someone

It is God That will Embrace You







The Shore


As the  sea roars

So does my heart

As the waves rise

My soul does too


My footprints left

On the shore

Guide me love

Close to me be


Give me time

For my love to grow

Walk with me

Hold my hand


The shore is waiting

For me to come

Will you join me?

Let’s have some fun


No lights around

Just the moon glow

As the stars shine

Along the shore


The breeze is blowing

As I breathe

Draw me close

Let me in


Hide me somewhere

Along the shore

Where no one can find

Our place for twoImage