The Scarlet Letter


This letter I send to you

To say how much I love you

All the memories

The love and joy


The scarlet letter

Of passion and desire

Romance and love

That we shared


I know it is the end

I feel it closing in

All the little things

That make us sad


The scarlet letter

Will tell you how I feel

Before you close the door forever

What you gave to me


Will always be in my heart

Never will I forget you

Or close my heart to you

I will always be yours


You’re the one who saved me

Loved me like no other

Showed me the meaning

Of being alive


The scarlet letter

Brings no joy to me

Much pain and sorrow

I don’t want to lose you


You’re my pleasure and delight

All the kisses

Letter from you

A smile that warmed me


You mean so much to me

How can I make you realize

just what I have to lose

Never to see you again


The scarlet letter

Will be the last

Before I draw my last breath

And in my grave I lay


Hoping you the best

I can never kiss you again

Or hold your hand

Just let you go


You will never hear me say

I love you and always will

Never gaze into my eyes

The tears that flowImage






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