Star Bright


I found a lonely star

A star so bright

It had a glow

That made my heart grow


My eyes did see

The shells all around

As I see magic

With no more sadness


A star for you

And one for me

Star bright

You belong to me tonight


You’re all aglow

As I run my fingers

Through his hair

I will wrap music around you


When you hear me whisper

Of sweet melodies

Your breath so warm

Like the summer sun


The rush of the sea

Is in your eyes

Beside me you are

Star bright


A fire burns within

As I play on your skin

I loved you then

I love you now


My thoughts are mesmerized

With memories of you

I hold the stars as I dance to you

With a smile


You are special there is no doubt

I can cry with you

Or have a laugh or two

Star bright




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