Your Gift


So many things I have for you

My heart, soul, and body

Are just a few

Flowers, candy, maybe a ring

Your heart you gave me

My spirit I gave to you

Told you all my secrets

Then God reached down

He gave me you

With passion and desire

I have you for life

As I give you my promise

To have and to hold

My heart belongs to you

A love so deep

My gift to you

Your gift I give with pleasure

My gift of love

I shower you with sunshine

My all I give to you



My Promise Too You


Each and every morning I love you

My kiss will wake you each day

Your hand I will hold to show I care

I  will give you inspiration

If you have questions I will answer

Your sunshine I will be

If you’re not feeling well

I will be there

Your pain I will take

To you I will listen

I can hear your voice calling me

Your pillow I will be

Your spirit I will keep up

Always your shield I will be

I am your rock

Your rain I will be

I am your lover

You are my world

I am your happy