Part Two Of Raindrops


Forget the world it is just you and I

Just look……….

My eyes and my heart

No distance between us

Touch me…………..

Like a fire to the flame

You will not fade away

Watch our love………

It is so sweet…….

Nothing difficult at all

We are like fireflies

That flare in the night

Never will we fade

Just remember what I say

My breath of desire never doubt

Touch me……….

A gentle rain

With a gentle breeze so soft

It is extraordinary

No distance between us


Don’t Cut


Don’t cut and make me cry

When I see the hurt in your eyes

Do you know how much it hurt’s

To know you want to cut

Think about the pain you cause

What it does to me to see the blood

From all the scars upon your soul

No matter what you go through

Don’t cut it tears me apart

To see the hurt upon your face

When people stare at you

And what you do

You’re the most loving person I know

Just believe you’re worth more than you know

Have faith in yourself

And see what I see

When I look at you

Life may not always be good

But look around

Someone else has it worse then you

In My Heart


In the morning

From my heart

I think I see a diamond

Sparkling like your eyes

You’re so handsome

More than a Statue

In my heart

Is where you belong

You’re more precious then a gem

Then money or gold

I treasure you

More than my soul

In my heart

Is where you will stay

I won’t let anything get in the way

You are my heart

No matter how hard things get

My love for you won’t change

No matter what you have to do

Or what you go through

I will be by your side

In everything you do

Your my precious love

I won’t walk away from you

“Jamais Sans Moi