The morning brings a spark

Though the night may be long and dark

Life will come and life will go

When we are born some tears are shed


For the love we seek tears will fall

For the angel we feel some tears are shed

If we do not speak words

They will say we cry some tears


Some tears go unheard

Some tears do help

For we want to be heard

Some tears are shed aloud


Some tell of our fear

The strength we have some tears tell it all

We do not want anyone to hear

Some tears are shed in silence


Sometimes in pain

Or teats of joy

It is hard to explain

Many things it may mean


Come what may tears are shed

Everyday tears are shed

Every tear is counted for









You Are My Prey


I was on a hill

Looking at my prey

I wanted my fill

On that hill


I waited so long

When I spotted my prey

I was so excited

I could smell the blood


I had to be quiet

I did not want to scare her away

So I watched her closely

With her body so full


She was a beauty

With soft brown eyes

Long lean legs

That could run like the wind


I wanted to sing

But kept quiet

If I scared her

She would run


I looked around and she had her head

Held high in the air

Something she had heard

I lifted my gun


Took aim and the shot rang out

I hit my prey in the heart

She went down

I had my prey





In The Darkness I Spread


In the darkness I spread

Around my fear

I use my lips as a weapon

That’s the way it is


If you turn me away

I will pull you closer

As you smile at me

With  a death of deceit


You are so wicked

Like the fangs of a snake

No emotion in your eyes

Just an impact of you


You caress me like cold water waves

Down my spine runs a shiver

As I look into your cold eyes

With a smile on my face


Dancing on the edge

In the deepest part of the sea

I meet a shadow

To emerge from the depths of a struggle



The world would be beautiful

With so many things to do

Places to go………..

Things to do………..


But people have messed it all up

With hate and crime

You are at risk at home

No matter where you are


People have lost their respect

Most forget to say ……….

Thank you,  you’re welcome,  and please

Talk back to elders


Parents leave kids alone

Then wonder why they get into trouble

They see mom sleeping around

Pop sharing his stick


Drugs are being used………

To make them feel they are on top

Pants hanging down

Showing their rear


Cussing from their mouths

Cutting and drinking

Just to get into gangs

Guns being used……..


Kids need love and support

They need to be taught

If you want your kids to respect you

Give them respect as well


Parents no longer teach prayers

Take them to church

Teach them about God

Just leave them alone


Pimps are on the streets

Young  girls are paying the price

Porn all over messing with our kids

No one seems to care