We  are like a tree

That is planted like a river

So strong are we

Let’s break the chains that hold us back


Enemies surround me

They chase me around

Some want to  kill me

Like a tree I am


In my traps I lie

As rivers run through me

Darkness covers me

As fog and clouds


Somewhere inside me

I have melted

I wander the mountains

In shame and doubt


Then I know I have to stop

I am strong

I am protected

From all harm


Gates will open wide

So the King will come in

He will open his arms wide

As I walk inJesusBible


In The Darkness I Spread


In the darkness I spread

Around my fear

I use my lips as a weapon

That’s the way it is


If you turn me away

I will pull you closer

As you smile at me

With a smile of deceit


You are so wicked

Like the fangs of a snake

No emotion in your eyes

Just an impact of you


You caress me like cold water waves

Down my spine runs a shiver

As I look into your cold eyes

With a smile on my face


Dancing on the edge

In the deepest part of the sea

I meet a shadow

To emerge from the depths of a struggle0_1c00ef_e8