A Real Beauty


                                                           A Real Beauty

The world is beautiful


The Air


The air so fresh

On the morning dew

I feel love

As I watch the birds


Singing a song

The air sends sounds

Of laughter and joy

As it sweeps away the pain


The air is spreading

Love all around

As you walk the lane

Holding hands


Forever love will be

My man so tender

We are together

As the air spins


The air is silent

Wind blows strong

Cupid is with me

Racing through timeImage

A Journey


The journey is a long way

As we race through time

But I will see you

Through our journey of love


It may be our first love…….


But it may not be the last

I don’t want to lose love

You will never forget

I hear your voice


We do not see crime

In the love we share

Hearts may be burning

Through the journey of love


I have to see you this time

As your memory lingers on

You will be mine

A journey


Together we will be

As we walk the line

I have to find you

A candle I will light


As the world turns

So do I

On a journey of love

In precious time


A long journey

It will be

I have to find you

As the light shines


As I reach for you

Shadows fall

Your reflection I see

Writing on the wall


I have found you

Love we share

In the space of a minute

We made it


Our journey was long

As we walked along

I knew I had to find you

A journey to the endImage


A Star


A star rests on my shoulder

As the moon sheds it’s light

When I look into your eyes

I see a star wink


I am amazed at the world

Of the beauty it brings

Sunshine and rain

Hail and storm


Dance with me as I reach

For the stars

You are like fruit to me

So sweet


I taste your lips

Like a bee with honey

A star is shining

Just for me


Your handsome as can be

When you smile at me

Your gaze upon me

Like the stars above


You won;t let me go

Hold on tight

I am your star

Twinkle in the night


I never hide from you

My emotions you know

How I feel

Your my star


You search for my soul

As you sit on my shoulder

A place so beautiful

For the stars to rest


This world is such beauty

It brings much joy

As you walk to me

Like the star you areImage


Love Keeps


I felt your eyes

Upon my face

You played me like a string

I buried it so deep


I knew it would always keep

My blood turns warm

Just thinking of you

As it rushes to my face


It turned a pale pink…….


You was in my life

All of a sudden

Took my heart

And made it complete